102 Cultural Background

Reference name: 102-cultural-background ~ ID: 2433
Roll Result
1 - 15 Your people are past the peak of their prime. Social & economical decay has begun to set in. The government seems to have become self-perpetuating and careless to the people's needs. Previously common civil liberties and services are disappearing.
16 - 30 No significant societal gains, either technological, sociological or artistic are being made, or have been made in recent memory. Your culture has remained essentially as it is for generations. Rulers tend to emphasise maintaining the status quo.
31 - 50 Your culture is marked by rapid growth, development and expansion. New ideas and technologies are being discovered and exploited. But access to power resides in the hands of a few powerful nobles or warlords your culture is experiencing a golden age.
51 - 70 Your people are developing and improving themselves technologically, socially and morally. Usually, this culture is on its way up from Barbarism, rulers may favor some type of popular representation, and the people have much faith for the future.
71 - 77 Your people are considered barbarians and have a dynamic social structure, a highly educated society with a keen sense of propriety and law and order. In a sense, they are pre-Civilized, but not yet developed to the point where a central power is needed.
78 - 84 Your people are nomads and rely heavily on livestock that can be moved as seasons and resources dictate. Most nomads use mounted or use beasts of burden to transport belongings. Nomads organise along family group lines and families stick together.
85 - 91 Your peoples culture is stagnating. It is slowly losing the social and cultural gains of earlier generations. Its rulers tend to be dictatorial or authoritarian, or power is held by a religious or occult organisation restricting control to its members.
92 - 97 Your people are primitive, their basic political units are the family and the clan, and rulers are often chosen because they are the most powerful hunters or warriors. Your language is spoken only with not written record existing nor permanent settlements.
98 - 100 Your people are living within the ruins of their former greatness, unable to understand let alone duplicate the feats of their forbearers. Members of your culture are often superstitious, even worshipping past technology or their former achievements.