208 Childhood Events

Reference name: 107a-family-occupations ~ ID: 2437
Roll Result
1 Civil Strife! Conflict broke out during your youth causing social upheaval, your family was involved in the conflict (Work with your DM to detirmine your families involvement)
2 Finders Keepers: Whilst out one day you came across some refuse that contained something unusual. (Roll on PHB trinkets table)
3 Pickpocket: During your youth your family fell on hard times forcing you to turn to petty theft and other criminal activities involving you with criminal organisations.
4 Tragedy: A tragedy occurred during your youth forever marking you.
5 Lucky: Something wonderful occurred during your childhood.
6 Skilled: During your youth you learnt a skill from a parent/guardian or friend. (Pick one skill to become proficient in)
7 - 8 Family Trade: During your youth you learnt the family trade (Gain proficiency in one tool kit)
9 Rebel: During your youth you ran away from your home for a time. (Work with your DM to determine what happened in your time away) Did you return or have you travelled the lands since leaving as a child?
10 Blessed: During your youth you had a profoundly religious experience.
11 - 12 Service: At a young age you found your self in the service to a patron or organisation (Work with your DM to detirmine the scope of your service)
13 Trials of Youth: During your childhood you underwent a coming of age event that greatly impacted your life. (Work with your DM to detirmine what this event is)
14 - 15 Friendship: In your youth you gained a close friend with whom you trusted and had adventurers with. (Work with your DM to detirmine details)
16 Divorce: During your youth your parents split up and you were forced to chose which parent to live with (Work with your DM to detirmine the details)
17 Rivalry: A rival to you or your family cause upheaval forcing you to relocate possibly to a far distant land. (Work with your DM to detirmine the details)
18 Marriage: You find yourself betrothed to another in an arranged marriage against your wishes (Work with your DM to detirmine the details)
19 Tutor: A mentor takes you under their wing and schools your in many subjects (Pick one language of your choice)
20 Extraordinary Event: An event far beyond the ordinary happeneds to you.