Extraordinary Events (A)

Reference name: extraordinary-events-a ~ ID: 2466
Roll Result
1 You receive a mysterious message from persons unknown, the message details a dangerous secret which is now up to you to keep safe. (work with your DM to determine details)
2 A strange woman gives you an ornate box sealed with wax and hoarsely whispers "It's up to you now, keep it safe, keep it from ... them." It is not until the woman drops dead at the character's feet that the dagger in her back becomes obvious.
3 You were killed. However, your body returns to life with two resident souls yours and that of an ancient, alien being. The other spirit awakened for a purpose, one that it keeps secret from your mind. There are occasional fights for control of your body.
4 In a dark alley at night, you are attacked by thugs. Before they can take anything, they turn white with terror and run away. You discover that you have a guardian ghost, a wise, benign spirit who accompanies you (work with your DM to determine details)
5 A vicious animal attacks you on a moonlit night. Friends drive the beast off, but you discover that you've been cursed with lycanthropy, to become a similar beast under the full moon. (work with your DM to determine details)
6 You and another player character (or a notable or popular NPC in the GM's campaign) become acquainted with each other. Select an appropriate character (work with your DM to determine details)
7 An evil, despotic ruler orders all persons of your Race, birthplace, and approximate age put to death. As far as you know, you are the only one to escape this heinous act. (work with your DM to determine details)
8 You are mistaken for the missing offspring of the ruler of the land and are taken to live in the ruler's household. After 1d6 years something happens that causes you to leave. (work with your DM to determine details).
9 After a mighty storm has passed, You discover a old waterlogged chest, sealed with chains and weighted with stones. You find drowned form of a young animal. Suddenly, the creature's eyes open you have acquired an unusual pet.
10 You befriend an extremely wealthy person, Roll 1d6; 1-3 they are much older, 4-5 they are the same age, 6 they are much younger.
11 A potent conjunction of the stars and planets occurs on your birthday. you are struck by a falling star which passes through your body like it was made of mist. you awaken feeling different, as if something has been awakened from within.
12 The followers of an unheard-of-god from another land followed omens that led them to you. The omens indicate that you are to be the mate of an avatar (earthly incarnation) of their god. You disagree but are still harassed by the god's followers.
13 While you were poking around in some abandoned, ruined place that others of your people avoid, you comes across a hidden cache of ancient treasures, start with maximum starting gold for your class. (work with your DM to determine details)
14 You were abducted by otherworldly beings (planar, fey, fiend or celestial) Moments later, you reappear, but has physically aged 1d10+10 years, has no memories of that lost time, and has not mentally aged even a minute.
15 You survive a deadly encounter with a non-humanoid monster. Because of the encounter, you gained insight into the creatures weaknesses. (work with your DM to determine details)
16 You spend time with a spell-caster who teaches you a minor cantrip as a parting gift, learn one cantrip from a spell-casters spell list (DM's Discretion)
17 You are plagued by incredibly detailed dreams, so detailed that you actually glean the future from the visions, either by interaction or observation. You begin to suspect, however, that the dreams are REAL, and that his two worlds will one day collide.
18 You are magically transported to your current location, a land far away from where you were born. Any family or friends are left far behind, This event makes you a foreigner in the land in which he now dwells. (work with your DM to determine details)
19 You befriend a strange intelligent creature (either humanoid or monster) who takes interest in you. (work with your DM to determine details)
20 A deity or other such powerful being asks you to become its agent on earth, if you choose to accept The deity gives the character an unusual pet as a gift. (work with your DM to determine details)