Passage Feature

Reference name: passage-feature ~ ID: 2722
Roll Result
1 The Big Flush. A torrent of sewage flushes through this part of the sewers.
2 The tunnel is completely clogged with debris and sewage. it requires significant time to clear a path.
3 The air in the tunnel ahead is frigid, and dripping water from the ceiling had frozen into tiny needles.
4 A grouping of fungus grows here.
5 The tunnel is filled with a foul Oder and the air is heavy with humidity. A yellowish mold covers most surfaces (Hazard: Yellow Mold)
6 The passage way is blocked by refuse and sewage, requiring time to clear away enough to continue.
7 - 8 The smell here is unbearable. Spending more than a few minutes here results in a DC15 Constitution save; fail, character loses conciousness.
9 Tainted water, the tunnel contains tainted water. Characters risk contracting Sewer plague (DC12 to wade through, DC15 if swimming, DC17 if injured while in water)
10 The remains of a corpse is the reason for the stench here, it is bloated and any personal belonging are either missing or destoryed.
11 Remains of personal belongings litter the area, and there are signs someone has been sleeping here recently.
12 - 13 The entire area ahead is incredibly slippery and slopes downward towards a storage cistern. Along the way, safety chains hang down from the ceiling every 10
14 The tunnel is clogged with sludge, muck and slime, making the surface slippery and dangerous. (difficult terrain)
15 An unusual smell increases in strength. Fire-based light sources begin to flicker wildly.
16 While passing under a grate, players discover the remains of several crimes.
17 Tunnel runs into a circular drop shaft. A pair of chains hangs from above.
18 Iron bars block the tunnel and debris covers the lower half. If PCs dig it out they discover a rusted, bent bar that allows passage.
19 A Waterfall flows here down to a lower level. The water moves fast here and footing is treacherous. Climbing the waterfall requires a DC15 Dexterity (acrobatics) check.
20 tunnel has an unusual liquid running from it.