Encounter Table

Reference name: encounter-table ~ ID: 2727
Roll Result
1 Grave Eater: This section of sewer an Otyugh has made a nest of corpses which it feeds upon and replenishes when it can find decaying flesh. It is hostile to any creature that disturbs it feeding ground.
2 Salamanders: these aquatic lizards make their home in the waterways of the city sewers. Salamanders usually dwell along or in pairs. (Guard drakes, w/ water breathing)
3 Exterminators: In this section of sewer Rat catchers are going about their business and are suspicious of strangers.
4 Homeless: City denizens down on their luck and coin gather here. They are hungry, desperate and don't like to be disturbed. (Use thugs, bandits and commoners as a template)
5 Undead: Escaped experiments from the Red Tower, many undead find their way into the city sewer. Zombies, skeletons or ghouls are common.
6 Kobolds: This section of sewer resembles a hoarders house, junk and filth clutter the area. Kobold scavangers have made their home here and are prepared to defend it.
7 This area reeks of death and decay, broken bones litter the area, corpses of rats and other creatures are piled up. A carrion crawler has made its nest here.
8 Ooze: This section of sewer is home to an Ooze either a Grey ooze, Gelatinous Cube or an Ochre Jelly.
9 Giant rats have made a nest here. They take up a threatening posture as you approach.
10 Swarm: A swarm of rats, beatles, bats or other such filthy creatures is infesting the area.
11 - 20 None