Haunted Castle Effects

Reference name: haunted-castle-effects ~ ID: 2839
Roll Result
1 One word: Fog.
2 The PCs glimpse a cheerful roadside hamlet not far down the road, but when they arrive they find it a long-abandoned decaying ruin.
3 Smoke trickles from a chimney, but when the PCs enter the fireplace is cold and dead.
4 The local church appears gray and decayed, although the townspeople seem cheery.
5 The PCs hear whispered conversation coming from around a corner but turn it to fi nd nobody there.
6 One part of a house or town has an unpleasant, not-quiteidentifiable smell.
7 After a night of troubled sleep, one of the PCs wakes to find himself in a strange place—an alleyway, swimming in the middle of a lake, embracing a long-dead corpse on a slab in a masoleum.
8 One (or more) of the PCs hears the soft but insistent buzzing of flies over carrion.
9 The PCs enter a valley where it never gets brighter than dusk, even at midday.
10 A PC wakes gasping for breath and fi nds he is throttling himself with his left hand while his right hand lies numb and inert; it takes a round or two for his numb right hand to pry the left hand off, whereupon both return to normal.
11 A wizard opens her spellbook to fi nd pages covered in ramblings in a foreign language, all written in blood in her own handwriting; after a minute the strange writing fades and the pages resume their normal appearance
12 A fighter awakens to find himself panting and sweating, his blade covered in gore, although he’s fought no enemies.
13 A rogue awakens to fi nd that her fi ngers have been stained an inky black while she slept and her forehand branded with an odd mark that quickly fades.
14 A cleric awakens to find he’s gripped his holy symbol so tightly that his hands are cut.
15 A PC’s touch suddenly withers and blackens living plants, then the effect ceases as suddenly as it began.
16 While a PC is looking at herself in a small round mirror,her image is suddenly attacked from behind. She sees her reflection die in agony only inches away on the other side of the mirror, leaving behind only a blood-splattered surface
17 All the clothes in the closet are stained with blood, but there’s no blood anywhere else.
18 A successful Search or Spot check reveals that all the furniture in a particular room was recently moved around, then meticulously put back in place.
19 A single window of a fine house has been boarded up for no discernible reason.
20 A doorknocker, when touched, triggers a magic mouth full of bloody shark teeth.
21 The eyes of a portrait on the wall track a specific PC.
22 A small, elaborate, highly decorated door has been built into the corner of a closet pantry.
23 The PCs seem to age at an accelerated rate (about one year per day) while they stay in a certain area; they revert to their normal age after leaving the area.
24 The PCs hear a door with a squeaky hinge; when they reach it, it swings silently.
25 The PCs keep hearing what sounds like muffled sobbing, but there’s nobody around.
26 Characters who make Knowledge (history) or (nature) checks realize that the wood of the floorboards in one particular room is ancient, far older than the rest of the house.
27 Each time a PC glances into a mirror, her peripheral vision picks up someone else’s refl ection; when she turns for a second glance, she sees only herself.
28 The PCs see a vast sailing ship, shrouded in mist, crossing a landlocked meadow as it sails toward them, passes through them, and dissipates.
29 Rats are either being driven away from a certain place or fleeing on their own; no one knows why.
30 Something scuttles across the floor just behind the last PC in line; when he turns, it’s gone.
31 A strange moss grows somewhere it shouldn’t, such as along the blade of a PC’s favorite weapon or on her tongue.
32 The sound of a whetstone sharpening a blade can be clearly heard not far off, yet neither the direction nor location can be determined.
33 A character opens his canteen and finds it brimming with blood.
34 A PC coming home, or returning to a safe refuge such as an ally’s home or a concealed cave, finds footprints leading into her room or area. Investigation reveals nobody present, but the footprints only go in, not out.
35 A PC’s horse abruptly turns carnivorous. Its personality has not changed; it simply will no longer eat anything but meat, preferably raw.
36 A character begins to hear a whispering voice that none of her companions can hear. Sometimes it repeats everything she says in mocking tones; sometimes it warns her against treachery from other party members.
37 A character begins to dream of his companions each dying horribly; as the dreams progress night after night he realizes that he’s the one slaying them.
38 The PCs awaken after camping one night to fi nd an extra horse, saddled and ready to go, tied with theirs; it travels with the PCs if not prevented but is gone after they camp the next night.
39 A PC feels suddenly nauseous and vomits; mixed in with the half-digested food are recognizable humanoid parts.
40 An item—perhaps a well-loved toy, or a parent’s favorite necklace—turns up in the bottom of a character’s backpack; the character hasn’t seen this item since she was a child.
41 The smoke of a torch or campfi re coils around a specifi c individual as though embracing or entrapping him. Screams, calls for help, or moans of ecstasy come from beneath the ground of a cemetery.
42 The PCs awaken after camping or resting for a night; one PC has bite wounds on her neck, arms, and legs, while another feels far too full to eat breakfast.
43 A PC’s holy symbol begins to weep blood or to bleed from nonexistent wounds.
44 A character hears the soft giggling of a little girl, or distant music; nobody else can hear it.
45 For a single long moment, a PC cannot remember her own name nor what she looks like. She is fi lled with a conviction that her real name, whatever it is, is quite different.
46 A PC awakens and looks around; everything around him seems two-dimensional and artificial for half a second before the world reverts to normal.
47 No nonmagical attempt at creating fi re—be it with flint and steel, tindertwigs, or even rubbing sticks together—will ignite even the driest piece of wood or scrap of parchment.
48 Curtains or furnishings move as though something brushed against them, yet nobody is in position to have done so and no breeze blows.
49 A PC heavy armor feels the touch of something that feels like cold, wet, blind mice squirming between his armor and skin; removing the armor reveals nothing amiss.
50 A character eating a piece of fruit discovers that the seeds he spits out are in fact human teeth.
51 A PC hears a voice scream in the distance; it sounds like her own.
52 Somewhere in the distance, a baby cries. In a matter of minutes, the sound changes to a young child shrieking, then a young woman screaming, then an old woman choking, then silence.
53 A PC has a sudden premonition of doom for the peaceful village her group is currently passing through.
54 A portrait, statue, or mosaic seems to have changed slightly each time the PCs pass by it. Footsteps echo through a house or hallway, with no apparent source.
55 A PC discovers a piece of the last monster or person he killed mixed in with his rations.
56 A PC’s reflection in a mirror is out of sync with her actions, delayed by a split second as if it had to wait to see what she did before mimicking her.
57 The PCs discover that perfectly preserved and fresh rations have rotted overnight.
58 vermin are attracted to a particular PC; they act like overfond pets who nestle into his clothing, attempt to share his bed, bring him tiny gifts of food (web-wrapped living flies), and the like.
59 Animals suddenly grow hostile at the PCs’ approach. Flocks of crows or other birds start to attack them; horses kick, cats scratch, and dogs bite. Small creatures perch on nearby trees or ledges or in rat holes, glowering at the PCs.
60 A storm brews up swiftly out of an empty, open sky.
61 Every mirror a specifi c PC looks at suddenly cracks, always in the same pattern.
62 Random patterns—frost forming on a window, ripples in the water, dark clouds in the sky, spilled ale—form the symbol of an evil entity, the face of a dead loved one, or the like.
63 All background animal noises, such as insects churring or birds chirping, abruptly cease.
64 The PCs wake up one day without shadows; their shadows return without explanation 24 hours later.
65 A PC finds an old ivory pipe; whether she keeps it or throws it away, she keeps finding it again and again in new places.
66 A PC fi nds blood on his clothes or blankets, with no obvious source.
67 A PC awakens to chewing noises beside her bed or bedroll, with no sign of what might have made them.
68 The torches/fi re/lanterns fl icker and almost die, despite the lack of any breeze.
69 A wolf howls in the distance.