Reference name: beasts ~ ID: 3571
Roll Result
1 Drunk! (The creature/s are groggy from too much food/drink and are looking for a place to sleep it off)
2 Mating Season! (the creature/s are experiencing their mating season, Roll 1d6 1-4 Male, 5-6 Female. Males will be posturing and agressive, Females will be cautious)
3 Pursuit! (The Creature/s are chasing another group, Roll up another creature)
4 Injured! (The Creature/s are injured and returning to their lair, reduced hit points)
5 Hunting! (the Creature/s are hunting/ foraging for food, quiet, wary, hard to surprise)
6 Passing through! (the creature/s are passing though the area, not looking for a fight. Reaction 1d6 1-2 Friendly, 3-4 Indifferent, 5-6 Hostile)
7 Fighting! (The creature/s are fighting another group, Roll up another creature)
8 Fleeing! (the creature/s are possibly injured and running away, Roll up another creature)
9 Spooked! (the creature/s are anxious and mistrustful, Roll for reaction 1d6: 1-4 Hostile, 5-6 Indifferent)
10 Taking Refuge. (Creatures are hard to surprise/hiding and alert to danger. Perception vs passive stealth)
11 - 12 Moving In! (The creatures are building a shelter/moving into a lair, setting up camp, making a lot of noise. DC 10 Perception (Wisdom) to hear/see