Reference name: religeon ~ ID: 3855
Roll Result
1 the priests of a god healed them of a serious injury or illness.
2 whilst lost they meet an intriguing follower of the god who convinced them to become a follower.
3 they became lost in the wilderness and a god's temple was the only warm and dry place with an open door.
4 a priestly friend invited them to come to his god's temple and join their order.
5 they grew up with this religion, but now find themselves personally confronted by it.
6 they hear voices inside their head, speaking of a god and its religion.
7 they feel that they must seek out a god's religion and join theior order.
8 they heard stories of a new god and religion and have travelled here to personally investigate.
9 priests of a god tried to press their beliefs on them in hopes of gaining a new follower.
10 followers of a god are persecuting unbelievers, they had a direct or indirect interaction with them.