Reference name: tragady ~ ID: 3856
Roll Result
1 they were personally betrayed by someone very close and dear to them, causing them great heartache.
2 something very precious to them or their family was stolen or lost.
3 they contracted a disease that has made their life hard or may even kill them eventually.
4 they were the cause of someones death, either deliberate or accidental.
5 their home town or village was razed to the ground by invaders, their home is gone and perhaps even family members.
6 a childhood pet died suddenly either by accident or at the hand of someone else.
7 they or their family fell on hard times and were unable to pay taxes, resulting in their family member spending time in prison.
8 someone close to them died suddenly, either a close friend, family member or lover.
9 they were falsely imprisoned for a crime and spent 1d4 years in prison because of it.
10 they had a traumatic experience when wild beasts attacked their home and killed their family, they bare a scar from that attack.