Reference name: wonderful ~ ID: 3857
Roll Result
1 they were named sole heir to the small fortune of a distant relative.
2 they gained a loyal friend and companion.
3 they were responsible for saving a life. Causing the person to become indebted to them.
4 the home town where they lived was destroyed, there was little loss of life. However, after the disaster passed, the area was rebuilt and has become more prosperous than ever before.
5 they were adopted into a wealthy family.
6 they acquired an unusual pet.
7 while repairing the family home, they discovered a strange item (Roll on PHB trinkets table)
8 they were blessed with the birth of a healthy, beautiful child.
9 they were in prison for crimes and a magnanimous ruler pardoned all prisoners. They were set free with an admonition to "Sin no more."
10 wild beasts invade their camp. During the attack, they discovered that they have the innate ability to command wild beasts (not monsters) (so long as it does not seriously risk the animals' lives).