Beast Activity

Reference name: beast-activity ~ ID: 4692
Roll Result
1 Eaten too much and sleeping off its meal. (Easy to surprise)
2 Looking for a mate/ in heat (Roll d6; 1-4 male, 5-6 female. Males will be aggressive, females cautious)
3 Returning to their lair to heal up after a fight (reduce hit points, where are they going?)
4 Pursuing an enemy (roll up another monster)
5 Passing through on the way to somewhere else (Roll for reaction, where are they going?)
6 Hunting / Foraging for food. (quiet, wary and hard to surprise)
7 Patrolling around their territory (Alert, hard to surprise)
8 Fighting another creature (roll up another monster)
9 Fleeing an enemy (roll up another monster)
10 Taking refuge in lair (alert, hard to surprise)
11 Moving into a new lair (digging, burrowing, making a lot of noise.)