Reference name: complication-2 ~ ID: 5024
Roll Result
1 But the adventurers must cooperate with a known enemy to achieve the goal
2 But completing the goal secretly helps the villain.
3 But completing an adventure goal fulfills a prophecy or prevents the fulfillment of a prophecy.
4 But The adventurers are prohibited from killing the villain, but the villain has no compunctions about killing them.
5 But The adventurers become responsible for the safety of an NPC
6 But The adventurers are racing against other creatures with the same or opposite goal
7 But the party soon finds itself facing a moral quandry.
8 But the party must complete the quest without leaving any trace of their involvement.
9 But the party encounters an old ally working against them.
10 But their information is completely wrong.
11 But the quest is actually a trap set for the party.
12 But their ally is actually working for their Foe.
13 But the party must complete the quest by a specific time.