Random Village

Reference name: random-village ~ ID: 5029
Roll Result
1 being built atop ancient ruins,
2 their site of important tomb or graveyard,
3 their notable library or academy,
4 their sinister reputation,
5 their important library or archive,
6 being the site of a mythic or magical event,
7 being the site of many battles,
8 their monoply of trade for one specific good,
9 their awful smell,
10 their headquarters of a powerful family or guild,
11 their trade center,
12 their river divides town,
13 their parks and orchards,
14 their local fortress,
15 their local temple,
16 their statue or monument,
17 their river canals,
18 their gold mine,
19 their skilled thieves,
20 their master craftsman,
21 their iron mine,
22 their superior horses,
23 their skilled sailors,
24 their prime lumber,
25 their livestock
26 their craftwork,
27 their religious significance