Village Conditions

Reference name: village-conditions ~ ID: 5031
Roll Result
1 - 3 comfortable conditions. The village folk here can afford nicer clothing and can eat better than most. They live in a small cottages in relatively comfortable conditions and have access to clean water and free of disease.
4 - 10 modest conditions. The village folk here live in older houses well insulated from the elements. They don’t go hungry or thirsty, and their living Conditions are clean but simple.
11 - 15 poor conditions. The village folk go without the comforts available in a stable community.They can only offer simple food and lodgings, and threadbare clothing. Their unpredictable conditions result in a sufficient, though probably unpleasant, experience.
16 - 17 squalid conditions. The village folk here are very poor, living in mud-floored huts, or vermin-infested barn houses. They have little shelter from the elements, and live in a desperate and violent environment, in places rife with disease.
18 - 19 wretched conditions. This village was recently raided and many houses were put to the torch. With no place to call home, the village folk shelter wherever they can, relying on the good graces of people better off.