Reference name: monuments ~ ID: 5046
Roll Result
1 Totem pole.
2 Ruined or topped circle of standing stones.
3 Intact circle of standing stones.
4 Fountain.
5 Great stone arch.
6 Great stone wall in ruins.
7 spaced at one-mile intervals.
8 Great stone wall, intact, with tower fortifications.
9 Ruined or toppled statue of a person or deity.
10 Intact statue of a person or deity.
11 Ruined or toppled obelisk.
12 Intact obelisk etched with a warning, a historical lore, dedication, or religious iconography.
13 Giant statues carved out of a mountainside cliff.
14 Faces carved into a mountainside or cliff.-.
15 Plundered burial mound or pyramid.
16 Sealed burial mound or pyramid.