Weird Locales

Reference name: weird-locales ~ ID: 5047
Roll Result
1 Floating earth mote with tower on it.
2 Canyon containing dragon s' graveyard.
3 Forest of petrified or awakened trees.
4 Field of petrified soldiers or other creatures.
5 River ferry guided by skeletal captain.
6 Haunted hill or barrow mound.
7 The wrecked ship, which might be nowhere near water.
8 Giant crystal shard protruding from the ground.
9 Wishing well.
10 Permanent portal to another plane of existence.
11 assumes humanoid forms.
12 Battlefield where lingering fog occasionally
13 Ancient tree containing trapped spirit
14 Crystal cave that mystically answers questions.
15 Boulder carved with talking faces.
16 Wild magic zone.
17 Dead magic zone.