Reference name: obsticle ~ ID: 5066
Roll Result
1 Wall of force blocks passage
2 Wall of fire blocks passage
3 Reverse gravity effect causes creatures to fall toward the ceiling
4 Poisonous gas (deals 1d6 poison damage per minute of exposure)
5 Overgrown mushrooms block progress and must be hacked down (25 percent chance of a mold or fungus dungeon hazard hidden among them)
6 Lava flows through the area (50 percent chance of a stone bridge crossing it)
7 - 8 Flooding leaves 2d10 ft. of water in the area; create nearby upward-sloping passages, raised floors, or rising stairs to contain the water
9 - 12 Chasm 1d4 × 10 ft. wide and 2d6 × 10 ft. deep, possibly connected to other levels of the dungeon
13 - 17 Cave-in
18 Blade barrier blocks passage
19 Battering winds reduce speed by half, impose disadvantage on ranged attack rolls
20 Antilife aura with a radius of 1d10 × 10 ft.; while in the aura, living creatures can’t regain hit points