Trick Effect

Reference name: trick-effect ~ ID: 5068
Roll Result
1 Swaps two or more characters’ minds
2 Teleports characters to another place
3 Talks (normal speech, nonsense, poetry and rhymes, singing, spellcasting, or screaming)
4 Wails loudly when touched
5 Casts suggestion on the characters
6 Releases, summons, or turns into a monster
7 Releases coins, false coins, gems, false gems, a magic item, or a map
8 Prevents movement
9 Presents a puzzle or riddle
10 Casts polymorph on the characters (lasts 1 hour)
11 Helps or harms certain types of creatures
12 Offers a game of chance, with the promise of a reward or valuable information
13 Locks or unlocks exits
14 Contains an imprisoned creature
15 Induces greed
16 Increases, reduces, negates, or reverses gravity
17 Casts geas on the characters
18 Flies about to avoid being touched
19 Grants a wish
20 Gives directions (true or false)
21 causes Confusion (targets all creatures within 10 ft.)
22 Makes a Magic mouth appear and speaks a riddle.
23 Enlarges or reduces characters
24 Suppresses magic items for a time
25 Creates an illusion
26 Creates a force field
27 Changes one substance to another, such as gold to lead or metal to brittle crystal
28 Changes a character’s alignment, personality, size, appearance, or sex when touched
29 Bestows resistance or vulnerability
30 Asks three skill-testing questions (if all three are answered correctly, a reward appears)
31 when touched the object animates, or it animates other objects nearby