Trap Result

Reference name: trap-result ~ ID: 5074
Roll Result
1 the Walls slide together
2 touching an object triggers Symbol to be cast.
3 a Stone block smashes across hallway
4 Steel or stone jaws restrain a character
5 a Thunderwave knocks characters into a pit or spikes
6 a Brittle stairs collapse over spikes
7 Spears (possibly poisoned ) spring out
8 a Scything blade emerges from wall or object
9 a concealed Locking pit floods with water
10 a Hidden pit floods with acid or fire
11 a Hidden pit opens beneath characters
12 a Pendulum, either bladed or weighted as a maul, swings across the room or hall
13 A weapon, suit of armor, or rug animates and attacks when touched.
14 Darts shoot out of an opened chest
15 a Locked room floods with water or acid
16 a Lightning bolt shoots from wall or object
17 a Huge wheeled statue rolls down corridor
18 a Glyph of warding is cast
19 the Floor tiles are electrified
20 a Vent releases gas blinding, acidic, obscuring, paralyzing, poisonous, or sleep-inducing
21 the Floor collapses or is an illusion
22 Touching an object triggers a flesh to stone spell
23 Fire shoots out from wall, floor, or object
24 a Door or other object is coated with contact poison
25 Touching an object triggers a disintegrate spell
26 a Magic missiles shoot from a statue or object
27 a Clanging noise attracts nearby monsters
28 a Chute opens in floor
29 a Ceiling lowers slowly in locked room
30 a Ceiling block falls, or entire ceiling collapses
31 a Collapsing staircase creates a ramp that deposits characters into a pit at its lower end