Reference name: places-3 ~ ID: 5114
Roll Result
1 Inside a magical dome of force
2 On the back of a Gargantuan living creature
3 In a volcano
4 On an island in an underground sea
5 In an area devastated by a magical catastrophe
6 In a demiplane or in a pocket dimension
7 Floating on the sea
8 In a Castle or structure at the bottom of a sinkhole
9 In a Castle or structure sunken in a swamp
10 In an avalanche
11 Behind a waterfall
12 Underwater
13 On an island
14 On a promontory
15 On a mountain peak
16 On several connected mesas
17 In sea caves
18 In Beneath or on top of a mesa
19 In a swamp
20 In a mountain pass
21 In a gorge
22 In a forest
23 In a cliff face
24 In a chasm
25 Beneath a Temple or Shrine
26 Beneath a ruined settlement
27 Beneath a ruined castle or Structure
28 In a graveyard
29 Beneath a farmhouse
30 In Catacombs or sewers beneath a city
31 In A building in a Town or City