Reference name: setback ~ ID: 5223
Roll Result
1 Disease! 2d6 settlers have taken ill with a sickness. Players must make a DC 11 Constitution saving throw to avoid contracting the illness (roll on Illness table). Roll a Death saving throw for each infected NPC.
2 Torrential Rain! Heavy rain soaks the ground and turns it to mud. Creatures will struggle to keep their feet, and wagon wheels may become Stuck.
3 Thunderstorm! Dark clouds gather overheard and lighting splits the sky. This causes some of the oxen to become Spooked and take off in a random direction.
4 Tempest! High winds pick up in the area. The area becomes heavily obscured and the winds threaten to blow over wagons, trees anything else not tied down. This may cause the wagons to become damaged and have a Breakdown.
5 Hailstorm! The area becomes heavily obscured and lethally large hailstones pelt the ground. Exposed creatures must seek shelter from the storm or risk injury.
6 Lost! You've been following a false trail for the last few hours and need to find your bearings again. The party can make a Survival check after spending 1d6 hours to get back on course.
7 Overgrown! A large amount of overgrown vegetation impedes progress. This requires time to navigate and cut a path or go around.
8 Spooked! The Oxen of a wagon have been spooked by something and take off in a random direction taking the wagon with them.
9 Breakdown! A wagon has broken a wheel or axel and spilled its contents out. This requires manpower to lift and repair. Lifting the wagon requires a DC 25 Strength check, with each person that helps reducing the DC by 5.
10 Oxen Ill/Injured! The oxen of a wagon have fallen ill or are injured and are unable to pull their load. This requires supplies and animals to be moved around.