Reference name: rumours ~ ID: 5304
Roll Result
1 The king’s son is planning to overthrow and murder his father.
2 On a nearby mountain top is a man who will give you a stone that will protect you.
3 The undertaker has discovered a strange key that is said to open the gates of hell. He’s always been a scary fellow anyway.
4 A nomadic band is kidnapping children as they move from town to town. If they show up here, what will we do?
5 The town’s tinker has created a means of mechanical flight. That old fool couldn’t create anything.
6 A bard is threating to put the entire town to sleep by playing magic flute. He’s just angry, because the town laughed at him while he was performing.
7 On the night of a full moon, if you hear a robin’s call and toss a silver coin into the town’s well, your wish will be granted.
8 A farmer outside of town is said to have a chicken that lays golden eggs.
9 A group of vampires is moving this way. Well, that’s what that wild-eyed man said last night at the inn. Who’s ever heard of such nonsense?
10 If you stare into the eyes of the inn’s cat too long, it will steal your soul. That’s what happened to the poor kitchen hand who went mad.
11 The old lady who lives outside of town is a witch and she has been placing curses on people. Some folk want to drive her out.
12 A miracle worker is said to be traveling from town to town. If the stories are true, he will arrive here tomorrow.
13 The town down the road discovered a vast sum of treasure.
14 A paladin is recruiting adventurers for a holy quest. He promises adventure, blessings and almost certain death. Wouldn’t that be glorious?
15 A band of rangers have been gathering at the inn every night this week. Their number is growing and common folk are starting to worry.
16 A rich dwarf is hiring hands to help import stone from a dwarven stronghold.
17 Strange cloud formations have been seen over one mountain to the west.
18 Highwaymen are working the north road. No one has really seen them, but no one wants to go that way now.
19 A young farm girl said she saw a dragon flying to the east three days ago.
20 The Lord Mayor is hiring adventurers to look into reports of goblin activity around the ruins in the high forest.
21 The old hermit came into town the other day. He said the old dam up river is leaking. No one believes him, because he’s crazy. That dam hasn’t broke in hundreds of years.
22 There are whispers of rebellion against the town leadership. Could new leadership be any worse?
23 A group of newcomers are gathering at a local common house for “meetings” one night a week. Well, that’s what being said anyway.
24 A musclebound dwarf is offering a large sum of gold to anyone who can best him in a series of feats of strength.
25 A traveling troupe is looking for players. Untold fame and riches await those who join. They haven’t had many takers yet.
26 A mercenary troop is recruiting. Food and wages are offered, but the main benefit is a life of war.
27 A businessman is hiring hands to cut timber on the mountain slopes.
28 Travelers are telling tales of traps set along the south road.
29 A sea captain is hiring hardy souls for a long voyage.
30 Travelers coming down river say blight is spreading among scattered farms.
31 A strange bard passed through town recently. After he was gone jewels and valuables were reported missing.
32 Three teens set out from town a week ago after buying rope and some rations. Now, their parents are offering a reward to anyone who can bring them back.
33 Several disappearances were noticed after a strange ship left port the other night. Just talk, no one important is missing.
34 One of the servers at the inn is looking to hire on with a group of adventurers.
35 A statue of a god was stolen from the city square two nights ago. Strange how no one saw anything.
36 Slavers raided a village in the hills a week ago. The mayor was afraid to send a party to investigate.
37 A burglar has been working the wealthy section of town. Always enters on the second story and only takes gems.
38 Several fishermen reported seeing a glow underwater the last few nights. Those old fools are probably drinking again.
39 There's a disease in the poor section of town. But, who cares?
40 A local merchant is offering a reward to anyone who brings back artifacts from the ruins up in the hills.
41 Several children found a basket that was sealed with tar floating down the river. They say there was a baby inside.
42 Wreckage from a ship washed ashore by the docks. There was one badly injured survivor. He’s being cared for by the sheriff’s family.
43 Wreckage of a raft was found floating down river by some folk doing laundry. They say there was a log book.
44 Some dock workers say dragon scales are washing ashore down at the wharf.
45 A drunk broke some tables in the inn the other night. He shouted he would teach town a lesson. No one has seen him since.
46 The thieves’ guild is going to over throw the town government. Well, that’s what a disgraced politician has been saying.
47 Some of the farming families on the outskirts of town are saying several gangs of prospectors moved up into the hills recently.
48 Wizards and other magic folk are passing through town. Some "great alignment" going to happen next month and the best observation spot is to the west.
49 Travelers from the west are telling tales of a wizard building a great library.
50 The odd dwarf blacksmith is hiring workers to open up a mine. They say it will incredibly dangerous.
51 An expedition that set out a month ago. Their horses found wandering in the forest, but there was no sign of the adventurers.
52 The merchant ship, Cromwell, didn't arrive last month and is thought lost with all hands.
53 A store burned down last week. Whispers say a rival merchant paid the arsonist.
54 A pickpocket is working the upscale district.
55 The owner of the inn is looking to sell.
56 No one has seen the owner of the old mansion on the hill in more than two years.
57 A nearby fountain was found filled with blood this morning.
58 Three different people say the spirit of an elf princess appeared to them near the town square in the last week.
59 A lost child was found with a spell book. The authorities are investigating.
60 Krieg was heard arguing with a stranger the other night, now he has disappeared.
61 A reward is being offered for the capture of some vandals.
62 A year-old murdered his father the other night. He's being held at the jail, though he denies he did it with much weeping.
63 Several local merchants have created an exploration company. They are looking for hardy souls to lead expeditions.
64 There have been a string of late night arsons recently.
65 A local herb shop is paying for rare specimens.
66 Some say they have seen a man carrying a coffin on his back the last two nights.
67 A dwarf named, Randarr, is hiring hands for a journey into the mountains.
68 The dispute between the metal smiths and the wood smiths is close to turning violent. Well, at least, that’s what that drunken gnome said.
69 A man has been coming to the inn the last few nights looking to hire protection.
70 There’s talk of a woman looking for her lost daughter.
71 An elf is buying a lot of books around the city.
72 A wealthy halfling merchant is supposedly outfitting an ocean expedition.
73 The old man who lives in the cave on the hill has been hiring workers lately.
74 A band of mercenaries swept into town about a week ago broke a lot of things, spent lots of money, and then moved out yesterday.
75 Some say dogs and cats are disappearing around town lately.
76 A robber baron is collecting "tolls" from travelers along the east road.
77 Travelers are saying a wizard is building a tower on a hill down the river.
78 Farmer Beullo found thousands of dead birds in his field a few days ago.
79 A circus is supposed to be coming to town in a couple of days.
80 A new businesswoman in town is hiring workers to clear a section of woods near the edge of town.
81 A boisterous band of adventurers left town yesterday. Some say they heard them talking about searching for a legendary library.
82 A horse was stolen out of the stable last night. The stable boy was hit on the head and knocked out.
83 There's been a lot nighttime activity at the general store lately.
84 An outlaying farm was raided a few days ago. The farmer says it was goblins, of course that can’t be.
85 There’s talk that gold has been discovered in the hills beyond the old forest.
86 That crazy old lady who lives alone by the lake says a monster lives in it.
87 A stranger has been offering payment for information on the strength of the town guard.
88 Travelers are telling stories about ruins uncovered in the wilderness about a three day journey from the city.
89 There’s talk that the fire at the mill the other night was set by a drifter. The mayor wants to question him.
90 A drunken guardsman said an ancient scroll was found in the town square.
91 An art collector has moved into town and is paying for valuable items.
92 The mayor is thinking about can canceling the festival, because of so many thieves in the city.
93 There are whispers one of the town’s wealthy merchants is hiring adventurers and mercenaries.
94 An elven woman has been coming to the inn every night for a week asking about someone named, Gulien.
95 A body was found dead near the edge of town. His pack included a map.
96 One of the town guard said some children found a bundle of gold pieces in the river.
97 That crazy old wizard, Cilivren, is offering gold pieces for a book.
98 There are stories of a giant red wolf attacking travelers within the last month.
99 The shopkeeper at the general store said old Riston didn’t come into town for supplies this week.
100 Several people say they have seen lights up at the old mine the last few nights.