Berzerker Pro's

Reference name: berzerker-pros ~ ID: 4092
Roll Result
1 Enhanced Arcana; all spells are cast a level higher than the spell slot used.
2 Quickspell; cast spells as a bonus action.
3 Dimensional Break; modify distance (halving, doubling) in a 100 ft. radius around you.
4 Chronos Surge; speed up or slow down time in a 100 ft. radius around you.
5 Gravitational Grasp; modify the force of gravity in a 100 ft. radius around you.
6 Elements Unleashed; change any damage type to another.
7 Mangled Weave; Combine the effects of spells: "Fireball Knife"
8 The Second Power; Reroll any spell damage dice once if it's lower than 3.
9 Longshooter; Double the range of all spells, to a minimum of 30 ft.
10 Chargemage; holding an spell action and using the action on your next turn doubles the dealt damage.
11 Surge; you gain the benefits of a long rest.
12 Font of Power; can cast spells up to 1/3 of the max level for free.
13 Smash Weave; Spells now deal knockback an amount of ft. equal to 1/4 the damage taken.
14 Slotthief; if you hit a creature with a spell, and that creature has a spell slot of the same level that was used to cast the spell, you expend that creature's spell slot instead of your own. This can effect multiple creatures, but doesn't regenerate more.
15 Mana Covergence: Add all spell levels left together with your spellcasting modifier and your proficiency. You can expend these points to form spell slots at any time as you see fit up to one level higher than your maximum.
16 Arcane Accuracy; you make spell attack rolls with advantage, or triple if you allready had it. You may also use a reaction to cast a spell of opportunity when an enemy leaves a 10 ft. radius around you.
17 Double Trouble; when you cast a spell, you may cast it again for free on your next turn.
18 Empowerment; roll an additional damage die on spell damage, and add your spellcasting ability modifier to the damage.
19 Spread Drawback; your current drawbacks will be copied to any foe you fit for the duration of Berzerk.
20 Feedback Loop; regain hitpoints equal to half the damage you deal. If you're at max hp, you gain temporary hitpoints equal to 1/4 of the damage you dealt.