Monster Motivation

Reference name: monster-motivation ~ ID: 2200
Roll Result
1 just wants to feed
2 is compelled to search for trespassers
3 likes to lie and wait
4 will try to escape
5 needs to be close to some object
6 has a craving for torture
7 always toys with it's prey
8 tries to imitate
9 will always try to cripple
10 was sent to recon
11 will stand it's ground without waivering
12 only wants to kill
13 hoards things away
14 only wants to make more of itself
15 clings to life, it wants to survive
16 wants to grow and expand it's reach
17 is a parasite looking for a host
18 will play dead, to deadly effect
19 wants to hibernate
20 is creating it's home