Resurrection Consequences

Reference name: resurrection-consequences ~ ID: 3888
Roll Result
1 Nothing Happens
2 You are now a conduit to the afterlife. There is a 5% chance everyday that something from one of the realms of the afterlife will find you and come through to the world of the living. This is either an object or creature and relates to the current event.
3 When you died you glimpsed the loom of fate and were granted a vision of your one true love. You know their name and what they look like, but not necessarily where to find them.
4 Your shadow isn’t yours. And whoever it belonged to must have been mischievous. When you stand in full sunlight it will sometimes slip away from you and— do things. It isn’t necessarily dangerous but it likes to cause problems.
5 The soul restored to your body comes from a slightly different timeline
6 You come back as the opposite gender.
7 You accidentally return in another deceased person's body and receive their class and stats. This lasts until next death.
8 Whoops! All Eyes!
9 Embers and smoke surround you continuously.
10 All cats love you, even magical or monstrous cats.
11 You are continuously surrounded by Ravens. +2 Intimidation
12 Sometimes when you sleep you can out of body travel, it’s random.
13 Death is your constant companion. Nobody else can see him/her unless they too have been resurrected. He/she is not a terrible companion, and may sometimes offer useful observations but can’t (or at least won’t) do anything with a physical effect.
14 An angel now speaks to you in times of need.
15 You think lizard thoughts. Can’t stop thinking about lizards, lizard skin, the taste of lizard, what it would be like to be one. -2 on everything requiring deep concentration; +2 dealing with lizardmen and other lizard-related monsters
16 You have learned the path to the black gates, and can return whenever you wish with a moment of meditation. Each time you do, treat it as a death.
17 People you touch must make a Wisdom saving throw DC 12 or see a vision of their own death. You can voluntarily choose to not grant them this vision.
18 You see the world as if through a veil, ranged combat is more difficult.
19 The sun appears to be in eclipse, blocking out the light, and you take -2 on perception checks.
20 You are plagued by an obnoxious servant of some infernal power, who believes it has claim upon your soul. You acquire a random demonic familiar, in addition to whatever familiar you may already have.