List of Tables to Make Later, According to Previous Player Rolls

Planet (Land of...) - One Table for Each Player, Based on Aspect (Either linked to or opposed with player's aspect)
Consorts - One Table for Each Player, Based Loosely on Their Land
Psychic Powers - One for Each Player, Based on Blood Caste
Player Decides - Character Appearance and Personality (Based on framework given by DM, which is based on blood caste, class, and aspect)
- Strife Specibus - proficiency when using weapons of that type, and they can combine items to fit their specibus (when in the presence of a punch designix, whose locations are predetermined by DM). Players can potentially acquire new specibii to add to their strife deck.
- Kernelsprite Prototyping(s)
- Extended Zodiac Sign?
DM Decides with Player - Ancestor History (decided situationally, either as the game unfolds or prior to starting)
DM Decides - Lusus
- Player's Planet Quest

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