D&D: Random Encounters Combat/Non-combat

Reference name: dd-random-encounters-combatnon-combat ~ ID: 64
Roll Result
1 The PC's find money or valuables left in the road.
2 Quicksand, sinkhole, or other natural ground hazard
3 An eclipse occurs, a comet flies past, or other astronomical event.
4 Pass a roadside grave or the site of a past execution
5 Pass the ruins of an old outpost or small tower, still 75% intact.
6 A PC is getting shaggy and needs to get a haircut.
7 Beautiful scene, such as waterfall or breathtaking view
8 Toll station
9 Someone has an allergic reaction to something in the area.
10 It just really feels like today was a lot shorter/longer than a normal day.
11 Mosquito swarm
12 PC gets a song stuck in his head all day
13 Minor earthquake, small avalanche, or freak storm
14 Horse has a leg cramp, needs hour-long rubdown to continue.
15 Pass a small shrine or holy grotto
16 Road kill: local animal dead in the road, natural causes, scavengers nearby
17 Thick fog or dust storm blows in
18 PC finds a tick or leech on their body.
19 Discover one of the horses is pregnant or ill
20 The PC's have lost some very minor item, such as soap, a pot, or chalk.
21 Find evidence of recent combat, possibly including decaying bodies.
22 Find a fully ripe fruit tree or other easy food source
23 Stumble into Poison Ivy (just for kicks, dwarves are immune)
24 Minor piece of equipment is nearly worn out & should be replaced ASAP.
25 PC has digestion problems (fill in your own details)
26 Beautiful secluded beach and possibly a warm swim
27 Beautiful secluded beach and possibly a warm swim
28 Hidden compartment.
29 PC finds a hidden detail in recently acquired or purchased item...
30 Strangely shaped clouds seen on the horizon
31 Find strange trash in the road, such as a wagon wheel or a chest of clothing
32 A PC realizes they are gaining/losing weight.
33 A PC gets a toothache, an earache, or a stomachache.
34 Food forgotten at bottom of pack goes bad and smells horrible
35 One PC start whistling or humming, then another, and then everyone joins in.
36 Black cat crosses path, or other unlucky omen
37 Break a wagon wheel or a horse throws a shoe
38 Rainbow spotted or other lucky omen
39 PC's must cross a rickety old bridge or ford a wide stream.
40 Wild, non-dangerous animal approaches closer for an inspection
41 Snowball fight or terrain/weather equivalent
42 Stumble into a blessed glade.
43 Run across wild young.
44 Spot a herd of wild horses.
45 Spot a herd of deer or other food on the hoof.
46 Raccoons invade camp (steal/ruin items and rations)
47 Someone stepped into a yellow jacket nest.
48 Find a hive.
49 An army ant colony on the move.
50 They camped on/near a fire ant colony.
51 Bridge washed out/ river flooding.
52 Find an old marker/sign.
53 Come across a way haven on the path.
54 Find an empty cave.
55 Run into local 'recruiters'.
56 Find an animal in a trap.
57 One of the PCs has a "good day". Minor perks all day. (Find a copper piece lying in the road. Figures out how to repair some damaged item, the inn they stay at that night has one of his favorite meals as a special, etc.)
58 One of the PCs has a "bad day". Minor inconveniences plague him. (Trips over ruts in the road, gear difficulties, animal steals his lunch when he turns away for a moment. Etc.)
59 PC or horse gets rock in shoe/boot.
60 PC discovers new hole in his boot, possibly via a mud puddle
61 Lumberjacks.
62 Shepherd and his flock.
63 Animal tracks or droppings.
64 Lost child who wandered too far from home/village or someone's lost pet.
65 Site of recent natural disaster: flood, forest fire, lightning strike, etc.
66 Come across other travelers suffering from some problem. (Broken wagon, injured horse, etc.)
67 Extremely windy day. Light gear becomes difficult to keep strapped down.
68 Unusually warm/cold day for season or brutally cold/hot day in accordance with season.