CoC - Manias

Reference name: triphammer13 ~ ID: 2779
Roll Result
1 Ablutomania compulsion for washing oneself.
2 Aboulomania pathological indecisiveness.
3 Achluomania an excessive liking for darkness.
4 Acromania (heights) compulsion for high places.
5 Agathomania pathological kindness.
6 Agromania intense desire to be in open spaces.
7 Aichmomania obsession with sharp or pointed objects.
8 Ailuromania abnormal fondness for cats.
9 Algomania obsession with pain.
10 Alliomania obsession with garlic.
11 Amaxomania obsession with being in vehicles.
12 Amenomania irrational cheerfulness.
13 Anthomania obsession with flowers.
14 Arithmomania obsessive preoccupation with numbers.
15 Asoticamania impulsive or reckless spending.
16 Automania an excessive liking for solitude.
17 Balletomania abnormal fondness for ballet.
18 Bibliokleptomania compulsion for stealing books.
19 Bibliomania obsession with books and/or reading.
20 Bruxomania compulsion for grinding teeth.
21 Cacodemomania pathological belief that one is inhabited by an evil spirit.
22 Callomania obsession with one’s own beauty.
23 Cartacoethes uncontrollable compulsion to see maps everywhere.
24 Catapedamania Obsession with jumping from high places.
25 Cheimatomania abnormal desire for cold and/or cold things.
26 Choreomania dancing mania or uncontrollable frenzy.
27 Clinomania excessive desire to stay in bed.
28 Coimetromania obsession with cemeteries.
29 Coloromania obsession with a specific color.
30 Coulromania obsession with clowns.
31 Countermania compulsion to experience fearful situations.
32 Dacnomania obsession with killing.
33 Demonomania pathological belief that one is possessed by demons.
34 Dermatillomania compulsion for picking at one’s skin.
35 Dikemania obsession to see justice done.
36 Dipsomania abnormal craving for alcohol.
37 Doramania obsession with owning furs.
38 Doromania obsession with giving gifts.
39 Drapetomania compulsion for running away.
40 Ecdemiomania compulsion for wandering.
41 Egomania irrational self-centered attitude or self-worship.
42 Empleomania Insatiable urge to hold office.
43 Enosimania pathological belief that one has sinned.
44 Epistemomania obsession for acquiring knowledge.
45 Eremiomania compulsion for stillness.
46 Etheromania craving for ether.
47 Gamomania obsession with issuing odd marriage proposals.
48 Geliomania uncontrollable compulsion to laugh.
49 Goetomania obsession with witches and witchcraft.
50 Graphomania obsession with writing everything down.
51 Gymnomania compulsion with nudity.
52 Habromania abnormal tendency to create pleasant delusions (in spite of reality).
53 Helminthomania an excessive liking for worms.
54 Hoplomania obsession with firearms.
55 Hydromania irrational craving for water.
56 Ichthyomania obsession with fish.
57 Iconomania obsession with icons or portraits.
58 Idolomania obsession or devotion to an idol.
59 Infomania excessive devotion to accumulating facts.
60 Klazomania irrational compulsion to shout.
61 Kleptomania irrational compulsion for stealing.
62 Ligyromania uncontrollable compulsion to make loud or shrill noises.
63 Linonomania obsession with string.
64 Lotterymania an extreme desire to take part in lotteries.
65 Lypemania an abnormal tendency toward deep melancholy.
66 Megalithomania abnormal tendency to compose bizarre ideas when in the presence of stone circles/standing stones.
67 Melomania obsession with music or a specific tune.
68 Metromania insatiable desire for writing verse.
69 Misomania hatred of everything, obsession of hating some subject or group.
70 Monomania abnormal obsession with a single thought or idea.
71 Mythomania lying or exaggerating to an abnormal extent.
72 Nosomania delusion of suffering from an imagined disease.
73 Notomania compulsion to record everything (e.g. photograph).
74 Onomamania obsession with names (people, places, things).
75 Onomatomania irresistible desire to repeat certain words.
76 Onychotillomania compulsive picking at the fingernails.
77 Opsomania abnormal love for one kind of food.
78 Paramania an abnormal pleasure in complaining.
79 Personamania compulsion to wear masks.
80 Phasmomania obsession with ghosts.
81 Phonomania pathological tendency to murder.
82 Photomania pathological desire for light.
83 Planomania abnormal desire to disobey social norms.
84 Plutomania obsessive desire for wealth.
85 Pseudomania irrational compulsion for lying.
86 Pyromania compulsion for starting fires.
87 Question-Asking Mania compulsive urge to ask questions.
88 Rhinotillexomania compulsive nose picking.
89 Scribbleomania obsession with scribbling/doodling.
90 Siderodromomania intense fascination with trains and railroad travel.
91 Sophomania the delusion that one is incredibly intelligent.
92 Technomania obsession with new technology.
93 Thanatomania belief that one is cursed by death magic.
94 Theomania belief that he or she is a god.
95 Titillomaniac compulsion for scratching oneself.
96 Tomomania irrational predilection for performing surgery.
97 Trichotillomania craving for pulling out own hair.
98 Typhlomania pathological blindness.
99 Xenomania obsession with foreign things.
100 Zoomania insane fondness for animals.