Roll a D&D Adventure

Your ADVENTURE GOAL is a dungeon crawl. Find a particular item for a specific purpose .
The VILLAIN of your adventure is an undead with any agenda . The PC's ALLY is a priest who bares many tattoos and the PATRON (employer) is a former teacher who has ragged, dirty clothes .
The STORY begins when our heroes are traveling on a road, and the characters are attacked by monsters that flee into the nearby adventure location . The adventure LOCATION is on an island .
The dungeon CREATORs were Elves (including drow) and it was used as a mine . In the past, the dungeon location was cursed by the gods and shunned .
As the PLOT thickens, it takes an unexpected twist. Completing the goal secretly helps the villain: Wealth - Steal land , goods, or money . To COMPLETE the adventure successfully the heroes must avoid traps, hazards, or animated objects turning against the adventurers while the main villain attacks .
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Created by @dreadfuldungeon from the 5e Dungeon Masters Handbook tables. Please feel free to follow me and let me know how it turns out :)
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