Roll a D&D Adventure

Your ADVENTURE GOAL is special., Salvage an object or goods from a lost vessel or caravan.
The VILLAIN of your adventure is a fiend bent on corruption or destruction. The PC's ALLY is a fey creature and the PATRON (employer) is an old friend, who has ragged, dirty clothes.
The STORY begins when our heroes are asked by an NPC the characters respect to go to the adventure location. The adventure LOCATION is beneath a farmhouse.
The dungeon CREATORs were worshippers of, an Elemental Fire cult and it was used as a temple or shrine. In the past, the dungeon was conquered by invaders.
As the PLOT thickens, it takes an unexpected twist. The adventurers must cooperate with a known enemy to achieve the goal. To COMPLETE the adventure successfully the heroes must close a portal which opens to another plane of existence and deal with the villain at the same time. Creatures on the other side spill out .
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Created by @dreadfuldungeon from the 5e Dungeon Masters Handbook tables. Please feel free to follow me and let me know how it turns out :)
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