Roll a D&D Adventure

Your ADVENTURE GOAL is special., Interfere with the operation of a business.
The VILLAIN of your adventure is a humanoid criminal mastermind. The PC's ALLY is a skilled adventurer, , a Wizard,, who exhibits a nervous eye twitch and the PATRON (employer) is a respected elder, who has a distinctive posture (crooked or rigid).
The STORY begins when our heroes are asleep one night. Then the characters all dream about entering the adventure location. The adventure LOCATION is , floating on the sea..
The dungeon CREATORs were worshippers of, a demon cult and it was used as a lair. In the past, the dungeon's creators were destroyed by discovery made within the site.
As the PLOT thickens, it takes an unexpected twist. The adventurers find out they are racing against other creatures with the same or opposite goal. To COMPLETE the adventure successfully the heroes must discover the main villain's secret weakness before they can hope to defeat that villain. , The villain falls when an ancient enemy forgives its past actions.
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Created by @dreadfuldungeon from the 5e Dungeon Masters Handbook tables. Please feel free to follow me and let me know how it turns out :)
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