Mixed Race

Crossbreed: A crossbreed has mixed racial blood that combines elements from a mixed ancestry. These characters are sometimes outcasts or loners, never fully blending in to any society from which they hail. Other crossbreeds choose to identify themselves
with one society, sometimes at the
cost of forsaking all ties with part of
their heritage. Not all crossbreeds are half one race and half another. Many are primarily descendants of one race, but can
trace their lineage to a pureblood of
another race a few or more generations
back. Decide the percentage of
your character's racial mix, or roll a
percentile dice, using the result to
give an approximate indication of the
To find out your character's mixed
lineage, roll two more times on table
101. If any other race is rolled twice, your character is a mix between that race and
humanity. If one of your results is
"Crossbreed" again, your character
may have blood from more than
two races. Otherwise, your
character's lineage stems from both
races you roll.

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