Results for Shaft Table

Up one level to a passage.
14 : Shaft Table (from: Grimley)

Continue straight 20ft., side passage to the right. then an additional 10ft. ahead
6 : Sewer Geneartor (from: Grimley)

Tiny: 5ft wide, 3ft high. (Medium creatures have to crawl, difficult terrain)
20 : Passage width (from: Grimley)

Remains of personal belongings litter the area, and there are signs someone has been sleeping here recently.
10 : Passage Feature (from: Grimley)

Low: The water in this tunnel is ankle to knee high, the floor is slick with filth. (Slippery, DC12 Dexterity save while running)
8 : Water Level (from: Grimley)

Ooze: This section of sewer is home to an Ooze either a Grey ooze, Gelatinous Cube or an Ochre Jelly.
13 : Encounter Table (from: Grimley)