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Squalid. You live in a leaky stable, a mud-floored hut just outside town, or a vermin-infested boarding house in the worst part of town. You have shelter from the elements, but you live in a desperate and violent Environment, in places rife with disease.
6 : Wealth Level (from: Grimley)

Distinctive jewelry earrings, necklace, circlet, bracelets
1 : NPC Apperance (from: Grimley)




Yes, and its a...
53 : Has Enemy (from: Grimley)

Faction. A factional enemy could be a religous order, a merchants guild, an order of assasins, or an order of holy knights. It is a enemy that may have agents and spies taht act of their behalf. Could be on the run, part of a rival faction, or want to join
3 : Enemy (from: Grimley)