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Commoner: Coming from a humble background these are everyday folk, used to hardship and poverty. Generally has a profession and in smaller settlements might work for themselves or a merchant in larger towns and cities.
52 : NPC generator (from: Grimley)


Squalid. You live in a leaky stable, a mud-floored hut just outside town, or a vermin-infested boarding house in the worst part of town. You have shelter from the elements, but you live in a desperate and violent Environment, in places rife with disease.
6 : Wealth Level (from: Grimley)

Flamboyant or outlandish clothes
3 : NPC Apperance (from: Grimley)




No, but recently...
19 : Has Enemy (from: Grimley)

Something wonderful occurred.
24 : Recent Events (from: Grimley)

Wild carnivorous beasts invade the character's camp. During the attack, the character finds that he has the innate ability to command wild beasts (not monsters) to do his will (so long as it does not seriously risk the animals' lives).
1 : Wonderful (from: Grimley)