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Criminal: An experienced criminal with a history of breaking the law. They have spent a lot of time among other criminals and still have contacts within the criminal underworld. Far closer than most people to the world of murder, theft, and violence.
25 : NPC generator (from: Grimley)

2 : Specialty (from: Grimley)

Wretched. You live in inhumane Conditions. With no place to call home, you shelter wherever you can, relying on the good graces of people better off than you. A wretched lifestyle presents abundant dangers. Violence, disease, and hunger follow you.
1 : Wealth Level (from: Grimley)




Yes, and its a...
91 : Has Enemy (from: Grimley)

Social. A social enemy might be a personal rival, an idealogy, or a cultural trait. Its an enemy tied to interactions with others, they may have trouble fitting in, be a social outcast, not identify with their culture, or be wanted but their own kind.
4 : Enemy (from: Grimley)