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25 : Who Do I Meet? (from: Grimley)

Brick Maker

Comfortable. Choosing a comfortable lifestyle means that you can afford nicer clothing and can eat better than most. You live in a small cottage in a middle-­‐‑class neighborhood or in a private room at a fine inn.
17 : Wealth Level (from: Grimley)

Flamboyant or outlandish clothes
18 : NPC Apperance (from: Grimley)

Particularly low or high voice
19 : Mannerism (from: Grimley)

I speak without really thinking through my words, invariably insulting others.

Power. I hope to one day rise to the top of my faith's religious hierarchy. (Lawful)

The workshop where I learned my trade is the most important place in the world to me.

Yes, and its a...
11 : Has Enemy (from: Grimley)

Social. A social enemy might be a personal rival, an idealogy, or a cultural trait. Its an enemy tied to interactions with others, they may have trouble fitting in, be a social outcast, not identify with their culture, or be wanted but their own kind.
1 : Enemy (from: Grimley)