Results for Background Generator

Destitute: These people are considered the dregs of society. They own no property, and may have no fixed home. Some perform no real work and are often unemployable. Others are in bond to a master and live at his whim.

Illegitimate: An illegitimate child is a child begotten of a woman not married to the father and who is not adopted by the father's family.

Aunt and/or Uncle: You were raised by the brother/sister of one or more of your parents, due to your parents being absent or having died.
12 : 104b Family Head (from: Grimley)

Finders Keepers: Whilst out one day you came across some refuse that contained something unusual. (Roll on PHB trinkets table)

Blessed: During your teen years you had a profoundly religious experience.

Curiosity. You hears stories of the religion and goes to personally investigate. (work with your DM to determine details)

You find yourself in love with another, wither it is a fling or something more serious is up to you. (work with your DM to detirmine if it is ongoing or terminated)

I know a story relevant to almost every situation.

My eloquent flattery makes everyone I talk to feel like the most wonderful and important person in the world.

I'm too greedy for my own good. I can't resist taking a risk if there's money involved.