Results for Wilderness Encounters


Commoner: Coming from a humble background these are everyday folk, used to hardship and poverty. Generally has a profession and in smaller settlements might work for themselves or a merchant in larger towns and cities.
79 : NPC generator (from: Grimley)


Modest. A modest lifestyle keeps you out of the slums. You live in an older part of town, renting a room in a boarding house, inn, or Temple. You don’t go hungry or thirsty, and your living Conditions are clean but simple.
16 : Wealth Level (from: Grimley)




No, but recently...
26 : Has Enemy (from: Grimley)

A tragedy occurred.
7 : Recent Events (from: Grimley)

Betrayal You were personally betrayed by someone very close and dear to you causing your great heartache. (Work with your DM to detirmine the details)
10 : Tragady (from: Grimley)