Recent Events

Reference name: recent-events ~ ID: 3854
Roll Result
1 - 5 was foraging or hunting for food, They had an encounter with a trapped predatory beast. Instead of slaying it, they freed it. The freed beast then disappeared. Later, they were trapped by a falling log. The same beast reappeared, aiding and freeing them.
6 - 15 had a tragedy occur,
16 A [blank] who recently
17 - 26 had an event far beyond the ordinary occur,
27 - 31 gained a rival who seeks to undo them, attempting to hinder their efforts until they get what they want.
32 - 36 was falsely imprisoned for a crime.
37 - 41 fell In love with another, Roll 1d6 (1-4 it is a fling, 5-6 its something more serious).
42 developed a taste for exotic tastes and expensive pleasures.
43 - 52 had a profoundly religious experience,
53 - 57 became Involved with criminal elements of society, taking to a life of crime and earning a notorious reputation and bounty.
58 - 62 come of age and they receive a deed to title of land from a deceased relative.
63 become well-known even famous for the occurrence of an event in their life.
64 - 68 learnt how to used a weapon (DM's choice) appropriate for their culture and social standing.
69 saved someone's life. This person become their companion. Roll 1d10 on a 9-10 their companion fell in love with them.
70 - 74 joined or were forcefully enlisted into an army and spent time in service.
75 - 79 experienced wanderlust and decided to travel.
80 - 84 found themself in the service to a patron or organisation.
85 joined a rebellion against the local ruler, Roll 1d6 (1-2 it was successful and they were outlawed, 3-6 it failed and they escaped), with only friends and family knowing their involvement.
86 - 95 had something wonderful occur,
96 had an encounter with an unusual person, who as far as they could tell tell, had no home or family. They offered to help in anyway they could. After accepting their hospitality the stranger vanished leaving a note "Your kindness will be remembered".
97 - 101 fell on hard times (unemployed or work dries up) and were forced to take up a new occupation.