Results for Elven Events (Y)

During your youth your forest home is ravaged by monsters. No friends or loved ones are killed, but it will be centuries before the woodlands are restored to normal.

The character's cultural ties are to his current nation of residence. While the character's ancestors may have come from another land, he has no strong emotional, physical or cultural ties to another country
7 : 101c Heritage (from: Grimley)

Your people are nomads and rely heavily on livestock that can be moved as seasons and resources dictate. Most nomads use mounted or use beasts of burden to transport belongings. Nomads organise along family group lines and families stick together.

Wealthy: These people are rich. They own large estates, have many servants, plush furnishings and large holdings of land. They usually make their money from real estate, merchant trading and gouging poorer people.

Legitimate: Your birth was a result of union between your father and mother, binding you in blood to your fathers family.

One Parent: You were raised by a single parent due to the other being absent or having died.

Trials of Youth: During your childhood you underwent a coming of age event that greatly impacted your life. (Work with your DM to detirmine what this event is)

Exotic Desires: You develop a taste for exotic tastes and expensive pleasures (Work with your DM to detirmine the details)

Tragedy: A tragedy occurred during your adulthood forever marking you.

Alone You lost your family/guardians suddenly to violence or disease and find yourself alone in the world (Work with your DM to detirmine the details)