Results for Elven Events (Y)

You spent some of your youth with a sage, an ancient elf, learning at his side. (work with your DM to determine details)

The character is a member of a racial minority within his nation.
11 : 101c Heritage (from: Grimley)

Your people are considered barbarians and have a dynamic social structure, a highly educated society with a keen sense of propriety and law and order. In a sense, they are pre-Civilized, but not yet developed to the point where a central power is needed.

Comfortable: This is the middle class of any Culture, regardless of the average wealth of its citizens. These folk usually live in clean, nicely apportioned homes or apartments, often in better neighborhoods. They eat regularly and occasionally very well.

Legitimate: Your birth was a result of union between your father and mother, binding you in blood to your fathers family.

Older Sibling: You grew up under the care of an older brother or sister due to circumstances beyond your control.
15 : 104b Family Head (from: Grimley)

Service: At a young age you found your self in the service to a patron or organisation (Work with your DM to detirmine the scope of your service)

Apprentice: In you adolescence you trained under a master as an apprentice to learn a trade or craft. (work with your DM to determine details)

In adult life you gain a rival who seeks to undo your character, they will attempt to hinder your efforts until they get what they want. (work with your DM to determine details)

I'm convinced that people are always trying to steal my secrets.

I can stare down a hellhound without flinching.

I'd rather kill someone in their sleep than fight fair.