Results for Halfling Events (Y)

Your family threw an extravagant birthday for you, your father took out a huge loan to pay for it and now the families in debt. (work with your DM to determine details)

The character was born in a foreign land and moved to this land while young. He retains memories of his original homeland and may even seek to return.
18 : 101c Heritage (from: Grimley)

No significant societal gains, either technological, sociological or artistic are being made, or have been made in recent memory. Your culture has remained essentially as it is for generations. Rulers tend to emphasise maintaining the status quo.

Poor: very low income. compared to many. He usually does not or cannot own property. His home is usually of lesser quality, sometimes due to uncaring landlords who may also be the Poor person's employer.

Legitimate: Your birth was a result of union between your father and mother, binding you in blood to your fathers family.

Aunt and/or Uncle: You were raised by the brother/sister of one or more of your parents, due to your parents being absent or having died.
11 : 104b Family Head (from: Grimley)

Skilled: During your youth you learnt a skill from a parent/guardian or friend. (Pick one skill to become proficient in)

You find yourself in love with another, wither it is a fling or something more serious is up to you. (work with your DM to detirmine if it is ongoing or terminated)

in Adult life you become well-known even famous for the occurrence of an event in your life. (work with your DM to determine details)

I'm a hopeless romantic, always searching for that 'special someone'.

I...speak...slowly...when me.

I'll say anything to avoid having to do extra work.